New Albany Riverfront

Boards & Commissions

Animal Control Authority Members

Susan Rosenbarger
Susan Hollis
Dr. Luanne Jensen
Stan Wheeler
Dr. Michelle Fisher

Health Department Board Members

Tom Andres
Rhonda Houser
Alice Miles RN
Edward Cook Jr
Dr. William Gamer III
Jan Craig RN
Carl Holiday

Historic Preservation Commission

Brendan Brown
Jeff Sumler
Savannah Darr
Donna Stepp
Jim Sprigler
Kathy Brennan

City Plan Commission

Robert Norwood
Shirley Baird
Ginny Cotner
Don Gibbons
Jerry Solomon
Thomas Wolfe
Vacant (Citizen)
Vacant (City Engineer)
Vacant (Parks)
Vacant (Two-Mile Fringe)

Bicentennial Committee

Shelle England
Bob Caesar
John Coffman
Barbara Zoller
Vic Megenity
Dave Barksdale
Jim Meeks
Pat Harrison

New Albany Redevelopment Authority

Cheryl Cotner
Terrance Becker
Sam Schad

Board of Zoning Appeals

Daniel Riggs
Thomas Wolf
Ginny Cotner
Stephen Pacciano
Steven Schmelz

Board of Public Works and Safety

Cheryl Cotner
Mickey Thompson
Warren Nash, President

The Board of Public Works and Safety meets every Tuesday at 10am.

Housing Authority Commissioners and Counsel

Ruthanne Wolfe
Lynda Wilcox
Theresa Whitlow
Toni Powers
Kent McDaniel
Karen Goodwell

Clark-Floyd Convention and Tourism Board

Mark Bliss
Carl Holliday
Shelle England

Economic Development Commission

Adam Dickey
Louis Schmitt
Irvin Stumler
Larry Brumley
Scott Blair

Tree Board

David Barksdale
Adam Dickey
Shelle England
John Gonder
Annie Savino
Claudia Shrake

New Albany Redevelopment Commission

Irving Joshua
John Gonder
Edward Hancock
Adam Dickey
Dan Coffey
Lee Cotner

Ohio River Greenway Commission

Mayor Jeff Gahan
Pat Leist-Stumler
Anne Banet

Human Rights Commission

Tonye Rutherford, Chairman
Wendy Stepro, Vice Chairman
Diana Baylor
Brad S. Bell
Clifford Staten

Sewer Board

Mayor Jeff Gahan
Gary Brinkworth
Ed Wilkinson

The Sewer Board meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m.


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