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New Albany's Scenic Riverfront Amphitheater hosts many events.

july32012crowdNew Albany will hold its annual Independence Day Riverfront Celebration on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at the New Albany Amphitheater.  This festival is a family-friendly event to help celebrate the July 4th holiday.  This year's event will be start at 5pm on July 3rd, and will feature live music, food, drinks, fireworks, children’s bounce houses, and a children’s Penny Arcade hosted by the Bicentennial Commission.  The event is free to all.

At 5pm, the event will begin with three Rock School bands from Jimmy’s School of Music in downtown New Albany: Awkwardly Social, Broken Generation, and Fenderella.  The Bicentennial Commission’s Children’s Penny Arcade will also begin at 5pm.  The Penny Arcade includes 7 games for children, with each game costing a penny.  All pennies collected from this event will be donated to Hospice for their “Pennies from Heaven” fundraiser.  At 6:30 pm, local favorites Riverboys will take the stage, followed by Jimmy G and the Sidewinders at 7:15 pm.   

Headlining band The Louisville Crashers will begin the first of their two sets at 8:30 pm.  In between their two sets, a fireworks display to celebrate both Independence Day and the Bicentennial will occur.  Immediately following the fireworks display, The Louisville Crashers will return for their second set.







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