Art Thrives in New Albany

NA Art-2When you are looking for a community that is dedicated to the arts, let the world-renowned sculpture “The Search” by artist Barney Bright, help you find your way.  Its home is in front of the New Albany-Floyd County Free Public Library.  The artist’s former apprentice David Lind lives and works in New Albany.   “When I’m asked that question, what is ‘The Search’ I like to say, what are you searching for?  And that is the story.  We are on a search.” 

Artist and New Albany native Ray Day’s watercolors and sculptures feature the nostalgia of small-town living.   Ray uses the analogy of regular soil versus Miracle Grow soil.   “New Albany is Miracle Grow to artists.  It has always fostered love of enriching the city.  It has always been good soil for artists to do their thing in.”

Mayor Jeff Gahan knows that where art flourishes, so does a city.  “We have two art studios right now in downtown New Albany.  And that in itself is unique for a small city like ours.  People that appreciate art in New Albany promote art every chance they get.  And we’re just really lucky we’ve got that many people and that much community support.”   NA Art-6
Local artist Michael Wimmer is the creator of the sculpture “Growth of Education” that resides in front of the City County Building and “Sacks of Food”, which is displayed at the Farmer’s Market in Downtown New Albany.

“It takes a community to make art happen… it’s coming along in New Albany and it’s very exciting to see it right now.  I’m excited to be part of it.”   

For well over one hundred years, one location in downtown New Albany has been teaching and keeping the artistic community supplied.  Local artist David Thrasher is the current owner of “Art Store” that was originally named “Art Shop” and owned by well-known artist James L. Russell in 1906.  “Part of the reason to do the gallery here is to give other artists the opportunity to show the work to the public, to experience being part of visual art show.”  New Albany is also proud of its Carnegie Library building that today is The Carnegie Center for Art and History, a local history museum and contemporary art gallery.

NA Art-9New Albany is home to some of the most inspiring art in the state of Indiana.  Come and experience the beautiful art in our city with fresh eyes.

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